The importance of Primary Education is key to building a society and thus a nation and finally the universe. Investing in human capital brings about powerful social changes.
Primary Education is a fundamental right in Sri Lanka. Every child should get quality education.Therefore, the role of primary education is to ensure the broad based development of the child wholly. This means ensuring that all pupils are able to develop their cognitive, social, emotional,cultural and physical skills to the best of their abilities and preparing them to further their school    career in their own vernacular language. Carrying out this task places demand on a school structure,principal, teachers and parents.
A further requirement for the good development of pupils is education that set challenging targets for     every pupil. And we should also remember that a child's total development does not take place solely within the confines of a school environment.
Considering all the above facts we at St. Bridget's primary focus as much as possible to the needs of today's child's to make education easy and enjoyable and thus see that every student continues her education to reach her set goal.


The syllabus introduced by the Sri Lanka Ministry of Education is strictly followed from grade 1 - 5.
Students of grade 5 sit for the grade 5 scholarship examination conducted by the Ministry of Education.

Academic staff

•    We consider that the little child depends more on her teacher than the advanced student does on her professor. In the primary school a teacher plays an important role in shaping the future of a student. Considering these facts at St. Bridget's Primary we have competent teachers who dedicate themselves in the process of education.

Our staff comprises of 53 members at present.


1S1         -              Mrs. Thanuja Jayasena

1S2         -              Miss Jeniffer Perera

1S3         -              Miss Nipuni Fernando

1S4         -`             Mrs. Shanika Wijeratne

1S5         -              Mrs. Udani Munasinghe

1T           -              Mrs. Nirmala John


2S1         -              Mrs. Nilushi Edirisinghe

2S2         -              Mrs. Claudia Wijeratne

2S3         -              Miss G.P.S. Nadeeshani

2S4         -              Mrs. Amreeta Perera

2S5         -              Mrs. Fay de Croose

2T           -              Mrs. Dushyanthi Phillip


3S1         -              Mrs. Dilshani Dodanwela

3S2         -              Miss Dinithi Fonseka

3S3         -              Mrs. Ruwanthi Jayamanne

3S4         -              Mrs. Nilmini Wickramasinghe

3S5         -              Mrs. Nimani Fernando

3T           -              Mrs. Christeen Suthakaran


4S1         -              Mrs. Nadeeka Koralage

4S2         -              Mrs. Mihipali Peiris

4S3         -              Mrs. Aruni De Alwis

4S4         -              Mrs. Menaka Costa

4S5         -              Mrs. Piumi Ranasinghe

4T           -              Mrs. Cecelia Peters


5S1         -              Mrs. Deepika Jayatilake

5S2         -              Mrs. Neomal Boteju

5S3         -              Mrs. Chithrani Fernando

5S4         -              Miss Nelum Poornima

5S5         -              Miss Sherline Rupesinghe

5T           -              Miss Dusshyanthi Selvarajah

English Teachers                                              Link Language                                                                        Dancing

Mrs. Enoka Perera                                           Miss Varshini Sithambarapillai                                             Mrs. Sharon Pasquvalge

Mrs. Dorinta Fernando                                   Miss Isabel Sugumar                                                               Mrs. Nirmala John

Mrs. Marise Anthony                                                                    

Mrs. Ruwanthi Gunawardane                                                                                                    Buddhism

Miss Rukshany Azeez                                                                                                                     Mrs. Avanthi Munasinghe

Mrs. Avanthi Munasinghe                                               Computer                                        Mrs. Deepika Jayatilake

Mrs. Surangi Wijetunge                                                Mrs. Shirani Peiris                              Miss Nelum Poornima

Mrs. Julaine Silva                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 PT

                                                                                                                                                                Mrs. Ann Fernando

Hinduism                                                            Singing                                                                

Miss Varshini Siththambarampille             Miss Kumudu Wanniarachchi                      Elocution

Miss Dusshyanthi Selvaraj                            Miss Isabel Sugumar                                       Miss Amra Mashoor



Art                                                                          Library                                                                  Sick Room

Mrs. Nilmini Gunaratne                                 Miss Meliza Jansz                                             Mrs. Roshini Paul